EU support Wastewater management and treatment services (EUSWAM) / Performance and Customer Oriented Drinking Water and Wastewater Services

Detailed description of project:

The GIZ implemented Project CPWS aims to implement the central ideas of the reform at the national and local level of drinking water supply and sanitation in Albania. This involves systematically applying and refining new instruments and procedures for implementing performance orientation and accountability at local level in municipal authorities and their water utilities, and making recommendations for expansion across the country. In addition, the project provides advisory services on improving the management, operation and maintenance of treatment plants and raises the population’s awareness of topics related to wastewater management.

The realisation of the EU financed action "EU support Wastewater management and treatment services" (EUSWAM), has been delegated to GIZ and forms part of the CPWS. The specific objective of the EUSWAM Action is to reduce pollution in Adriatic coastal water via strengthened capacities and operation and maintenance of wastewater infrastructure along the coast and in particular in selected municipalities that have benefited from EU support for the development of their wastewater management infrastructure:

  • Result 1: Improvement of the performance and performance reporting of selected wastewater utilities along the coast of Albania;
  • Result 2: Strengthening of the capacity of the new National Agency for Water Supply and Wastewater (AKUM) with a particular focus on the waste water sub-sector in line with its recently approved enhanced mandate and policies;
  • Result 3: The improvement of the operation and maintenance of existing coastal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP);
  • Result 4: The build-up of the awareness and participation of the stakeholders of the waste water sector on the importance of: (a) advancing the fulfilment of EU water regulatory requirement especially toward the Urban Waste water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) and (b) encouraging that water utilities delivering waste water related services  (collection and treatment) are reasonably covering their costs to ensure sustainability of services in line with prevailing government policies in the sector.

Type of services provided:

  • The Consultant delivers the following services: Result 1) Improvement of the performance and performance reporting of selected Water Utilities along the coast of Albania; Result 3) The improvement of the operation and maintenance of existing coastal WWTPs;
  • Compilation of baseline data for water and sanitation services including diagnosis of water and sanitation performance of the utilities, incl. baseline situation, identifying improvement targets;
  • Design of action plan for each WU, including financial projections with target on performance improvement;
  • Establishment commercially oriented performance improvement system for water and sanitation services and operation (Utility KPIs improvement);
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the progress of the implementation of the action plan;
  • Assessment of the operation and performance of the coastal WWTPs;
  • Review and recommend improvement for the monitoring of influents and effluents. KPI improvement measures for the WWTPs (design and implementation);
  • Planning and implementation of results-oriented management and operational procedures for key WWTP operation objectives (preventive maintenance, sludge management and disposal, energy efficiency, WWTP effluent quality, etc.);
  • Introduction of standard operational procedures;
  • Setting up, providing O&M plans and standard operational procedures, defining O&M budget and strengthening technical units for wastewater O&M;
  • Accompanying the WWTPs in their development process.
European Union / German International Cooperation
03/2019 – 03/2021
Contract value: 
916,519 €