Smallholder Irrigation Program Mount Kenya Region (SIPMK Phases I to III)

Detailed description of project:

The Smallholder Irrigation Program Mount Kenya Region (SIPMK) aims to increase household incomes of smallholder farmers through the introduction of intensive irrigated farming. SPIMK is designed as an “open pro­gramme”: The irrigation schemes are selected on the basis of well-defined technical, social, financial and institutional criteria. The project provides support for the implementation of new irrigation schemes and related extension services and offers credit facilities to farmer groups organised in legal entities. For this purpose, the German Govern­ment provides loan funds which are on-lent through the Kenyan Ministry of Finance to the participating private Kenyan banks.

Participating farmers are required to organise themselves in farmer cooperatives. This is a prerequisite before submission of a request for scheme implementation to the Programme Management Unit (PMU). Once the request has been approved according to predefined selection criteria, each beneficiary of the proposed irrigation scheme has to pay a credit security of up to 10% of his loan as part of his total contribution (farmers contribute 50% to the total investment costs of the irrigation system). Only then the irrigation systems will be designed, tendered and constructed. By the end of phase III of the program (mid-2015), 18 irrigation schemes will be completed with a total irrigated area of 2,178 ha and 6,049 households as direct beneficiaries.

Type of services provided:

  • Establishment of the Programme Management Unit (PMU);
  • Supervision of site selection, environmental and social assessment studies, final technical design and appropriate engineering concept for diversion structures and infield irrigation systems;
  • Assistance to the Irrigation and Drainage Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in tendering, bid evaluation, contracting and supervision of the works and supply contracts;
  • Support to farmer groups for the establishment and legal registration as farmer cooperatives to become qualified for loan financing for the construction of small-holder irrigation schemes;
  • Design and delivery of agricultural extension services to farmer cooperatives in promotion of (food) products;
  • Support to farmers for EurepGAP/GLOBALGAP certification based on public-private partnerships to increase export of food products to the EU;
  • Training of farmer cooperatives in operation and maintenance of the irrigation infrastructure;
  • Advice to farmers in loan applications and management;
  • Handing over of the irrigation infrastructure to the farmer cooperatives;
  • Water balance/ survey on the water needs of other sectors;
  • Survey on conflicts related to the usage of water;
  • Survey on the geographical and temporal availability of water.
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
BMZ through KfW
09/2005 – 09/2015
Contract value: 4,522,698 €