Decentralization and Communal Development Support Program (FADeC V) - Investment Accompanying Component (Component II)

Detailed description of project:

The objective of the project is to improve, through the national budget transfer mechanism Fonds d'Appui au Développement des Communes (FADeC), the equitable access of populations to adequate and sustainable basic services in accordance with the principles of good governance.

The "investment accompanying component" (Component II) consists of measures to develop the FADeC mechanism and communal project management as well as the provision of an external consultant to contribute to the implementation of the National Decentralization and Deconcentration Policy (PONADEC) through support to SP CONAFIL, which is responsible for the operational management of the FADeC. Component II aims at improving the capacities of the main actors in FADeC governance (SP CONAFIL, Trésor, IGAA and IGF etc.) and the management of FADeC resources by the Territorial Communities. It consists of two components.

Part of the investment measures initially planned has been replaced by rapid measures against COVID-19. These new measures against COVID-19 follow the logic of the FADeC mechanism and aim at supporting the communes in the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Type of services provided:

Part I “Development of the FADeC system”:

  • study for the diversification of financial products and the creation of a counter for innovative projects;
  • improvement of financial reporting and implementation of impact monitoring (of investments and controls);
  • monitoring the performance of the FADeC system;
  • Organization of the SP/CONAFIL;
  • Establishment and implementation of an environmental and social management framework.

Part II : “Good communal governance”:

  • improvement of the quality of the infrastructures;
  • improvement of the maintenance of the infrastructures;
  • improvement and enhancement of audits and controls/sanctions;
  • improvement of municipal internal control (appropriation of management procedures in the context of the FADeC), efficiency of municipal management through digitization and vertical interconnection.
Ministry of Decentralization and Local Governance
BMZ through KfW
11/2020 – 10/2021
Contract value:
554,176 €