Didactical Concept and Production of a Generic Set of Training Materials for GIZ Employees

Detailed description of project:

The BMZ/GIZ Sector Project “Concepts for Sustainable Waste Management and Circular Economy” pursues the goal of integrating concepts for a resource- and climate-friendly waste management (WM) and circular economy (CE) into nat. and int. policy processes and programmes of DC in an exemplary way.

It focuses on 5 fields of action:

- Provide expert contributions of thematic inputs to political processes at nat. and int. level;

- Provide working aids and concepts (handouts, tools and training materials) for resource and climate-friendly and broadly effective urban waste and recycling management;

- Develop approaches to reducing the amount of plastic and other waste that enters the oceans and promotes exchange forums with regional organisations or stakeholders from  partner countries to implement measures

- Implement training and advisory measures to create environmentally friendly value chains for e-waste;

- Strengthen the exchange between the members of the BMZ/GIZ supported PREVENT Waste Alliance to develop joint products and projects for a circular economy.

Within this Sector Project as well as in numerous bilateral projects, training materials have been and are continuously being developed in extensive processes. To prevent that these processes are detached from each other and to avoid duplications, the GIZ Sectoral Department is currently setting up a knowledge management platform, the so-called TOPICS.

The training material to be produced under this assignment is to become part of GIZ TOPICS knowledge portal and shall serve GIZ employees as an introduction to the topic. It shall also be used as a basis for the design of (future) training courses. This is particularly relevant considering the increasing importance of the topic and the growing portfolio.

Type of services provided:

  • Develop an overall didactical concept for a set of training materials (suitable combination of PowerPoint modules, exercises, supplementary documents, etc.) based on a summary of the contents of existing training materials at GIZ;
  • Cover the following 4 topics (I) Basics and principles of WM, CE and resource efficiency; (II) Framework conditions (policies, legislation, financing) of WM and CE; (III) Waste fractions and technologies (e.g., plastics, e-waste, organic, waste to energy); (IV) Organisational aspects of WM and CE (informal sector, operator models);
  • Create a layout concept for the training set and appropriate formatting and proofreading of all materials, including overviews of training content and further literature per module;
  • Produce a generic training set for GIZ employees in suitable formats so that the material is generally applicable, can be continuously updated and can be integrated into GIZ's digital internal knowledge portal “TOPICS”;
  • Consult continuously with the Sector Project and cooperate closely with an additional consultant who is responsible for the content of the training material.
11/2020 – 05/2021
Contract value:
19,826 €