Feasibility Study Enhancing Resilient Rural Development through Adapted Land Use and Disaster Risk Mitigation

Detailed description of project:

The Feasibility Study (FS) will develop an intervention strategy based on an overview of the specific development potential and impediments in the proposed project region. The proposed project intends to enhance resilient rural development through adapted land use and disaster risk mitigation. The aim is to support the implementation of national development plans and mainstreaming and testing of national strategies for climate change adaptation and disaster risk mitigation.

The implementation strategy for the feasibility study includes three fields of interventions:

1.         Environmental monitoring and planning tools including improved planning, translation of NSDI information into concrete activities at local level, monitoring of forest cover and land use, and strengthening of environmental monitoring systems.

2.         Disaster-resilient and climate-resilient approaches including forest rehabilitation measures, improved technologies for forest management and planning, watershed restoration and management, improved village and site management level planning, and protective measures to prevent landslides and other hazards.

3.         Environmentally friendly rural livelihoods and technologies including promotion of energy-saving household tools to reduce the demand for firewood and decentralised systems for energy generation.

Type of services provided:

  • Policy Review;
  • Situation and problem analysis;
  • Institutional and stakeholder analysis;
  • Beneficiaries and target group analysis;
  • Facilitation of Project Design Workshops;
  • Environmental and Social Due Diligence and Climate Assessment, Economic and financial analysis;
  • Strategies for sustainability and scaling up;
  • Environmental and Social Scoping;
  • Climate Proofing Assessment / Climate Protection Assessment.
Ministry of Economic Development
BMZ through KfW
Contract value:
213,176 €