Support to the Reconstruction and Transition Process in Syria (UWTS)

Detailed description of project:

Turkey-based GIZ programme “Support to the Reconstruction and Transition Process (UWTS)” in Syria is primarily aiming at strengthening local actors involved in administration and public services through provision of capacity development and urgently required food / non-food items with the overall goal of stabilising overall living conditions in selected areas of Syria.
The objective of the consultancy service is threefold:

  • To support the UWTS programme and partners in developing a conceptual framework for needs-based waste management in local communities in a conflict / post-conflict environment;
  • Building upon this concept, developing partner ownership and capacities through a set of activities tailored to the limitations and opportunities in the programme’s areas of intervention;
  • To explore potentials for further integration of the approach into other GIZ and partner activities inside Syria, including potentials for partnerships with commercial entities.

Type of services provided:

The tasks of the expert’s assignment have been:

  • Mapping of waste management activities implemented by Turkey-based actors inside Syria: summary of locations and activities related to waste management projects / modules that were implemented;
  • Summary of technologies for decentralized waste management relevant to the Syrian context (small-scale market study of available technologies);
  • Cost overview: list of rough cost estimates for items and services relevant to the identified available technologies to be implemented in the context of decentralized waste management at community level.
GIZ´s UWTS Programme
06/2017 – 08/2017
Contract value: 7,440 €