Management Support to the Economic and Social Development Fund (ESFD)

Detailed description of project:

The Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD) was established in 2002 by the Lebanese Government and the EC with the aim to facilitate access to affordable social services and to stimulate employment for the poor. More than 31 million Euros have been provided by the EC and the Government of Lebanon. Being a permanent APEX-Organisation for poverty alleviation, the ESFD is attached as an autonomous department to the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR).

Currently the ESFD is charged with the implementation of the component 2 “Job Creation and Community Development” (Component 2 of the financing agreement MED/2006/018-303) to contribute to the socio-economic recovery in the zones affected by the armed conflict of summer 2006, particularly in the southern part of Lebanon. The consultant provides professional manage­ment support to the ESFD for implementation of this component and to support other ongoing activities of the ESFD-FMU and its two operative units: Job Creation and Community Development.

Type of services provided:

  • Support for the rehabilitation of nine communal infrastructure projects (water supply, sanitation, irrigation) totalling 1 million Euro;
  • Support for the finalisation of 27 communal development projects (productive and social infrastructure) in 14 communities located in various poverty pockets of Lebanon;
  • Provision of loans totalling 4.4 million Euro to small and medium enterprises affected by the 2006 war to rehabilitate and/or extent their economic or commercial activities;
  • Introduction of a credit guarantee scheme to achieve a higher outreach in terms of job creation and income generation;
  • Management support to both operative units of the ESFD;
  • Training of staff in project cycle management (PCM), logical framework approach (LFA) and contract management;
  • Support to ESFD’s fund raising activities to attain higher sustainability of its activities.


Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
09/2009 – 06/2011
Contract value:
299,990 €