Consultancy Services for Accompanying Measures Technical Assistance for the Adaptation to Climate Change II Project

Detailed description of project:

The overall objective of the project is to reduce the vulnerability of farming communities in the Jordan Valley to the impact of Climate Change through improved supply of irrigation water. The indicators for project as agreed upon between farmer’s representatives and Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) staff, are:

  • Reliable and adequate water supply to the Farm Turn-out Assembly (FTA) despite climate-related increased heat waves, measured as the actual amount of water delivered at the agreed time compared to the planned provision;
  • Irrigation efficiency has increased, water consumption reduced per dunum in the selected pilot areas;
  • Increase in farmer satisfaction as measured by the decrease in the number of burdens.

The Services thus address issues ranging from ensuring the reliability of the bulk water supply from the King Abdallah Canal (KAC) to On-Farm Water Management (OFWM) and individual farmers’ practices, straddling the responsibilities of JVA, Water User Associations (WUAs) and individual farmers. The services are comprised of two components:

Component 1: Assist the JVA in improved management of certain aspects of the KAC through:

  • Ensuring the sustainability of the O&M of the infrastructure;
  • Enhancing safety measures along the KAC;
  • Proposing measures to fight water theft and illegal well drilling.

Component 2: Assistance to farmers and WUA through:

  • Training farmers to improve their agricultural practices including OFWM, increase their economic efficiency, reduce their water consumption by planting more water efficient crops, irrigation scheduling, cropping pattern;
  • Establishment of pilot areas for improved irrigation practices;
  • Procurement of material for the pilot area and procurement of equipment, machinery, tools for the WUA.


Type of services provided:

Inception Phase:
Component 1:

-    Identification of procurement needs;
-    Assessment of O&M issues of the JVA with regard to the KAC (including illegal water extraction in the JV, safety issues and material needs for O&M).
Component 2:
-    Assessment of farming activities in the JV;
-    Identification of procurement needs for WUAs to carry out their O&M responsibilities;
-    Develop design criteria for dominant irrigation systems for the Project intervention areas;
-    Elaboration of measures to increase irrigation efficiency;
-    Development of criteria for pilot area and participant farmer selection.

Procurement phase:
Component 1:

-    Development of tender documents and assurance of the procurement procedures.
Component 2:
-    Selection of pilot areas, farmers and measures to be implemented;
-    Identification of equipment, material, tools and services to be procured for the pilot areas;
-    Capacity needs assessment of farmers/ WUAs;
-    Development of training program for farmers/ WUAs;
-    Development of an operational assistance program;
-    Development of tender documents and assurance of the procurement procedures to secure the goods, materials and services.

Implementation phase:
Component 2:

-    Implementation of pilot measures;
-    Training of up to 20 selected farmers and WUA members in the North, North Eastern Ghor and up to 20 selected farmers and WUA members in the Southern Ghor according to cropping pattern and irrigation practices (total of up to 40 participating farmers from the three Project areas);
-    Development and implementation of an information and awareness raising campaign in improved irrigation based on on-farm experience in the pilot areas (primarily targeting the 40 participating farmers of the training program and other farmers in and around the pilot areas).


Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)
08/2022 - 01/2025
Contract value:
1,099,366 €