Macedonia Irrigation Programme

Detailed description of project:

In the framework of the Irrigation Programme North Macedonia two feasibility studies were prepared for the following sub-projects:

  • Sub-project Straishte: Modernisation of the irrigation system of Straishte, considered as phase III of the South Vardar Irrigation Programme (1,600 ha);
  • Sub-project Lisiche: construction of an irrigation system in the Veles region on an approximate area of 4,630 ha and installation of three small hydro-power plants.

The results of the studies serve as the basis for the financing request, and the corresponding financing, loan and separate agreements between the donor/creditor and the Government of Macedonia via their respective ministries.


Type of services provided:

Feasibility Study Irrigation System Straishte:

  • Data collection (hydrology, existing layout, population);
  • Agro-sociological-survey;
  • Inventory of available water resources;
  • Development of layout of pressurised irrigation network for drip irrigation;
  • Preparation of feasibility level designs;
  • Institutional Analysis JSC Branch Office and farmers’ organisations;
  • Institutional setup operational phase Vardar III;
  • Financial and economic analysis.

Update of Feasibility Study Water Management System Lisiche:

  • Data collection (existing studies, hydrological date, population;
  • Agricultural and social situation, Focus group discussions;
  • Hydrological study;
  • Inventory of potential extensions;
  • Delimitation of project area;
  • Development of layout of ppressurised irrigation network for drip and sprinkler irrigation, plus on around 200 ha for gravity irrigation of rice fields;
  • Preparation of feasibility level designs;
  • Feasibility level design of three Small Hydro Power Stations;
  • Institutional analysis Public Entity - Farmers' organisations;
  • Institutional setup operational phase Lisiche;
  • Financial and economic analysis.


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy
BMZ through KfW
02/2019 – 07/2019
Contract value:
199,967 €