Irrigation Programme Southern Vardar Valley Phase II

Detailed description of project:

The “Irrigation Programme Southern Vardar Valley Phase 2” is the follow-up Phase 1. Its objective is to sustainably increase agricultural production in the Southern Vardar Valley, through the modernisation and rehabilitation of irrigation schemes for a cropping area up to 3,900 ha.

Experience and lessons learnt from Phase 1 (2003-2008) form the basis for the technical and institutional concept of Phase 2. The focus is on pressurised pipe irrigation systems, the utilisation of water-saving technologies (drip, sprinkler) and the constitution of water users associations (referred to as water communities) responsible for the O&M of the irrigation schemes.

Type of services provided:

  • Assist the PIU in the supervision of the detailed technical design and the elaboration of an appropriate engineering concept for the rehabilitation and modernisation of the irrigation schemes;
  • Assist the PIU in tendering, bid evaluation, contracting and super­vision of the design, works and supply contracts according to international standards;
  • Assist the PIU in the implementation of an updated assessment of economic and financial viability of the irrigation schemes, resulting in a ranking of irrigation schemes;
  • Financial and economic analyses;
  • Establish WUAs (organisational concept, registration, transfer agreements);
  • Train the WUAs in O&M of the irrigation systems and hand over the modernised schemes.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy
BMZ through KfW
06/2014 – 09/2022
Contract value: 1,483,679 €