Irrigation Programme Southern Vardar Valley I

Detailed description of project:

The “Irrigation Programme Southern Vardar Valley” was launched in four selected irrigation schemes totalling 3,900 ha. The programme focussed on the modernisation of the irrigation water supply systems and significantly increases water use efficiency through the transformation of a gravity network to a sub-surface low-pressure pipe network and the introduction of water-saving technologies. This is done on the basis of a sustainable social, institutional and technical design. At the same time responsibilities for future O&M of the irrigation schemes are transferred from the water management organisations to water user associations (WUAs) - in the North Macedonian context referred to as water communities - established during the first months of programme implementation.

Type of services provided:

  • Establish the Programme Implementation Unit (PIU) as the main implementing body, and elaborate detailed procedures and task descriptions for all PIU staff and other relevant stakeholders involved in the Programme;
  • Adapt the preliminary programme concept in terms of institutional, social and technical design for the modernisation/ rehabilitation of the selected irrigation schemes;
  • Financial and economic analyses;
  • Assist the PIU in the supervision of the detailed technical design and the elaboration of an appropriate engineering concept for the rehabilitation and modernisation of the irrigation schemes;
  • Assist the PIU in tendering, bid evaluation, contracting and super­vision of the design, works and supply contracts according to international standards;
  • Establish WUAs (organisational concept, registration, transfer agreements);
  • Ensure that the financial contribution of the farmers (users) has been agreed upon and that their commitments to contribute to the investment costs are legally binding;
  • Train the WUAs in O&M of the irrigation systems and hand over the modernised schemes.
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Department of Water Economy
BMZ through KfW
03/2008 – 12/2012
Contract value: 1,000,000 €