Institutional Support of Water Supply and Wastewater Utilities

Detailed description of project:

The objective of this capacity development/institutional support project was to assist the local authorities in providing appropriate communal water and wastewater services for the resident citizens (120,000 PE) and the seasonal tourism population (134,000 PE) in the coastal Adriatic region. The Consultant, in con-junction with Vodacom, the regional service company and project executing agency, supported the water and sewerage utilities - Vodovod I Kanali-zacija (ViKs) – of Tivat, Herceg Novi, Kotor and Bar. Through consulting support and specific staff training the institutional performance of the four ViKs was improved as regards the technical and financial aspects of utility management and operation. In addition, Vodacom staff was trained to improve its mandate as the regional service company for the municipalities of the Montenegrin region.

Type of services provided:

  • Introduction of a Management Information System (MIS) which allows the ViKs’ management to control and monitor the utilities’ status on a monthly basis, including training of VIKs’ staff in the respective processes;
  • Development, implementation and operation of a benchmarking system including training of Vodacom staff to gradually take over monitoring and advisory responsibilities;
  • Recommendations for appropriate billing and accounting applications as well as respective organisations and procedures. Technical databases shall be proposed and introduced in order to provide information needed, e.g. for GIS, hydraulic modelling, non-revenue water (NRW) measures;
  • Development and implementation of regular proactive maintenance procedures for the water and sewerage infrastructure, including training of ViKs’ staff in maintaining the sewerage and water supply networks;
  • Execution of leak detection measures (incl. hydraulic modelling). Identification of service areas with high water losses and with potential losses (real vs. administrative), including training of ViKs’ staff and development of respective regular procedures;
  • Support and training of Vodacom’s management regarding the professional and commercial operation of the company.
BMZ through KfW
08/2009 – 07/2012
Contract value: 2,000,000 €