Sewage Disposal in Southwest Kosovo Phase IV Peja – Accompanying Measures

Detailed description of project:

The programme’s aim is to provide Accompanying Measures to assist RWC Hidrodrini to be all set to operate and maintain the wastewater collector sewers and treatment plant provided under the Implementation Component of this project. Hidrodrini must have systems and procedures in place that will enable them to expand their business into the effective provision of wastewater collection and treatment services in their service areas in the Municipalities of Peja, Decan, Istog, Kline and Junik.  The results of the investment measures are expected to improve hygienically safe wastewater disposal and ecologically sound sludge disposal. The total investment cost for programme measures (Implementation Project) is estimated to be up to EUR 25 million including Consultancy Services.

The main objective of the Accompanying Measures Component is to support the RWC Hidrodrini in developing an improved provision of wastewater services for the residents of the serviced area in Peja, and for public health and environmental protection for those parts of the Drini I Bardhe River Basin in Kosovo. The Consultant will support RWC Hidrodrini in the development and implementation of sustainable business strategies, control and supervision structures and processes as well as suitable technical and financial operations. Additionally, the Consultant will also support RWC Hidrodrini by providing training measures in order to ensure a continuation of the new practices and systems after the end of the Project.

Type of services provided:

The following services covers the facilitation of institutional management and technical support tasks which will be provided by the international experts.

Human Resource Planning and Development:

  • Development of Proposal for Staffing Level / HR Development;
  • Elaboration of job descriptions including the new tasks;
  • Recruitment Support regarding qualified WWTP staff / Implementation Support;
  • Preparation of HR Development Plan.

Development of a Sludge Management Concept:

  • Collection, review, assessment and summarizing of relevant studies and data;
  • Definition and comparison of alternative options of sludge disposal (incl. cost estimations);
  • Identification of best sludge disposal option and specification of equipment to be procured;
  • Preparation of a Sludge Management Concept;
  • Organisation of Sludge Management Workshop and Support in reaching MoU with stakeholders.

Project Management:

  • Training Needs Assessment Project Management, Planning, Tendering, Control;
  • Implementation of Training Measures Project Management, Tendering / FIDIC rules, Control;
  • Preparation of Task Report on Project Management.
RWC Hidrodrini
BMZ through KfW, SECO
01/2018 – 01/2023
Contract value: 1,295,395 €