Urban Services Improvement Investment Programme (USIIP) Management Contract for Improving Water Services in UWSCG

Detailed description of project:

The United Water Supply Company of Georgia (UWSCG) was established in January 2010 as a limited liability company wholly owned by the State of Georgia, represented by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (MESD). The UWSCG is one of three water and wastewater utilities in Georgia servicing about 58.5% of the population.

The overall objective of the present assignment is to strengthen UWSCG’s management and operating efficiency by streamlining and improving the service delivery in key operational and management functions including increased employee productivity.

Type of services provided:

  • Review of reporting procedures;
  • Review of UWSCG’s organisational structures;
  • Development of recommendations for an improved organisational set-up;
  • Elaboration of detailed functions for each unit of the service centres;
  • Review of the headquarters structure with respect to the monitoring, steering and management of branches and service centres;
  • Elaboration of a “Human Resources and Organisation Development Plan”;
  • Design work flow procedures between headquarters, regional offices and service centres (vertical workflows);
  • Assistance to the UWSCG in all issues related to human resources management;
  • Assistance to the UWSCG in developing and calibrating a working hydraulic model;
  • Development and application of procedures to prepare and update digitalized water network maps;
  • Development of a focused training programme for the operational staff.
United Water Supply Company og Georgia LLC
08/2013 – 07/2016
Montant total du projet: 2.409.440 €