Consulting for the Implementation of the Transboundary Joint Secretariat - Phase 3

Detailed description of project:

The “Ecoregional Nature Protection Programme for the Southern Caucasus” (BMZ/ KfW/ GIZ) aims to preserve the biodiversity of the region and harmonise resource protection objectives and instruments through cross-border cooperation among the national environmental actors in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Transboundary Joint Secretariat (TJS) was established as a component of the Ecoregional Programme in order to support the ministries responsible for nature protection with promoting regional harmonization, sector development, transboundary mechanisms and information exchange for nature conservation, and with state of the art operational instruments for nature conservation policies, strategies and instruments for protected areas.

The primary objective of the third phase of TJS is to further develop the Caucasus Eco-Regional Conservation Plan (ECP) and to improve its implementation status. A secondary objective is to contribute to crisis prevention and conflict mitigation in the South Caucasus through regional cooperation in the nature conservation sector.

Type of services provided:

Support the executing agency WWF Caucasus with the achievement of the project outputs:

  • Provision of sector-analysis and sector reports to BMZ and German DC institutions;
  • Promotion of socio-economic development of communities adjacent to protected areas by means of participatory approaches;
  • Promotion of protected areas as destinations for eco-tourism;
  • Updating the ECP;
  • Continuation and further development of the Special Operational Fund (SOF) as financial instrument for measures with transboundary impact.
WWF Caucasus
BMZ through KfW
Contract value: 1,715,000 €