Wastewater Collection and Treatment Bihać

Detailed description of project:

The overall objective for the project “Wastewater Collection and Treatment Bihac” is to secure an environmentally sound and hygienic collection and treatment of wastewater. The project should contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the population and serve to protect natural resources. In the scope of the project, consulting services are provided for the preparation and implementation of the investment measures (“Implementation Consultant”) and accompanying measures (“Management Consultant”).

The accompanying measures aim at the development of the local water and sewerage service provider, JP Vodovod Bihac, to ensure technically and economically sustainable service provision. Activities to achieve this include:

  • Supporting organizational development to enable JP Vodovod to provide the new WWTP services;
  • Supporting the capacity building of the utility (incl. a tariff development plan) to enable financing of the current service provision, and the operation and maintenance of the new WWTP and water supply and sewerage networks;
  • Supporting the establishment or updating of an Industrial Wastewater Cadastre in the City of Bihac and an ordinance on effluent standards of industries and business as well as a proposition for the efficient control of industries and business;
  • Developing options for wastewater sludge management supporting the implementation of a practical solution.

Type of services provided:

Establish adequate HR management, taking into consideration the new services, propose and support implementation of a Personnel restructuring plan. This includes:

  • Assessing the current organisational structure and HR management;
  • Elaborate a staff development/personnel restructuring plan;
  • Assisting JP Vodovod Bihać in implementing the plan to establish of adequate HR management;
  • Training of key personnel.

Improve customer relationship (management) and support public relations activities through:

  • Improving internal communication;
  • Conducting a customer survey;
  • Elaborating a PR / CR strategy and action plan;
  • Implementing PR activities and improved customer care;
  • Installing and training a PR-officer.
City of Bihać
BMZ through KfW
09/2016 – 12/2019
Contract value:
499,980 €