Sewerage Project Pogradec III Final Design, Tender Documents, Tendering and Works Supervision of Investment Measures

Detailed description of project:

The objective was to protect the water quality of Lake Ohrid and to reduce health risks for the population in the project area by ensuring a reliable drinking water provision and an environmentally sound collection and treatment of sewage in the city of Pogradec and the surrounding villages:

  • Assessment of the operational functionality of the water supply system (reduction of water losses);
  • Water Supply Component A1 - Renewal of the Verdove and Remenj water distribution network (15 km), installation of 1,200 new house connections, rehabilitation of Remenj reservoir (200 m³);
  • Water Supply Component A2 –Replacement of Gurras spring capture and pumping station, replacement of transportation main (5.5 km) from Gurras to Geshtenjas, rehabilitation of Gurras reservoir (200 m³), renewal and extension of Gurras water distribution network (6.7 km), installation of 400 new house connections;
  • Sewerage Component B1 – Extension of sewerage networks southwest and east of Pogradec (16 km);
  • Sewerage Component B2 – decentralised on-site sanitation facilities (rehabilitation and/or construction of septic tanks) or new central sewer networks in Starove, Verdove, Gurras and Remenj;
  • Sewerage Component B3 – Extension of the existing WWTP to 50,000 PE (mechanical treatment) and 37,000 PE (biological treatment);
  • Supply Components C1 and C2 – Procurement of operational equipment (flushing and suction trucks, safety equipment, precipitants).

Type of services provided:

  • Review of project concept, site and system inventories and verification of system schematics;
  • Review of design criteria and design scenarios;
  • Review of available production capacities of two water supply schemes;
  • Review of financial and operational aspects of the Pogradec water supply system as part of a NRW analysis;
  • Training of local staff in flow and pressure measurement campaigns including quality assurance;
  • Development of a hydraulic model of the water distribution network as a decision support system;
  • Hydrogeological investigation (capacity and quality) of Gurras spring;
  • Preliminary functional and hydraulic design of the water supply systems;
  • Inventory of operational capacities available with the PEA;
  • Preparation of a conceptual design;
  • Elaboration of geo-technical surveys;
  • Hydraulic calculation for transmission mains, pump stations, distribution networks;
  • Final design of all civil structures, installations and networks for the water supply systems;
  • Final design of a new spring capture structure including pumping station;
  • Technical specifications for all works, installations, machines etc.;
  • Preparation of tender documents according to FIDIC Red Book;
  • Works supervision.
UK sh.a. Pogradec
BMZ through KfW
09/2011 – 04/2018
Contract value: 2,571,000 €