Rural Water Supply III - Consulting Services for Implementation of Accompanying Measures

Detailed description of project:

With the current RWSP III, KfW and ADF extended the support of the development of water supply services in selected rural areas all over the country. The ‘Rural Water Supply III’ is an open programme consisting of Implementation Measures and Accompanying Measures (AM). The Program aims at the provision of reliable and hygienically safe water supply including complementing measures for wastewater disposal, introducing socially acceptable tariffs covering at least O&M costs.

The overall goal is to contribute to improved living conditions of the rural population in the program, participating municipalities in Albania. The current AM shall provide/ensure the capability of the local personnel at sometimes quite remote Administrative Units to sustainable operate the facilities provided by the Implementation project in technical and commercial terms.

The AM works with the Water Utilities (UKs) of Bilisht, Diber, Tropoje, Mat, Himare and Vajgurore to improve the managerial, organisational, operational, commercial and financial performance of personnel in the rural water supply schemas and at the responsible UKs. Local personnel in the rural water supply schemes / administrative units (AUs) shall be enabled to sustainably maintain the investments provided by the IM and to overcome structural problems.

Type of services provided:

  • Institutional assessment of the concerned Water Companies (UKs)/Municipalities on the basis of selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Development of Business plans, a capacity building strategy, capacity building program;
  • Support technical operation of the water and sewerage networks by participatory development of O&M tools (O&M plans, work order management templates, standard operation procedures (SOPs), easy to use manuals) and practical on-the job training as well as theoretical training sessions;
  • Commercial management and practical implementation of commercial functions;
  • Support the human resource development for local schemes within the UKs;
  • Support to UKs in financial management and tariff application for their rural water schemes;
  • Implementation of public awareness campaigns for the population in the concerned Administrative Units;
  • Organization and implementation of Study Tours;
  • Preparation of Task Report on Project Management.
Albanian Development Fund (ADF)
BMZ through KfW
04/2019 – 03/2022
Contract value: 1,485,300 €