Baseline Analyses of the performance for the water and wastewater utilities of Peqin, Cerrik and Himara, Albania

Detailed description of project:

The GIZ Programme “Customer and Performance Oriented Drinking Water and Sanitation Services” aimed to support the water and sanitation sector of Albania. Albania’s water and sanitation sector lacks reliability, transparency, performance orientation and sustainability. Hence, the Programme aimed to assist the involved parties within the water and sanitation sector of Albania on all the above-mentioned levels. As part of the Programme reforms should be implemented. These included performance agreements between the Ministry, the municipalities and water utilities within the legal and regulatory framework. Quality standards should be met by valid data collection and determination of performance indicators. Business plans were to be developed and implemented. Managerial methods such as planning, budgeting as well as monitoring and reporting were to be established. Furthermore, capacity development was focused on. 

As a part of the above-named Programme “Baseline Analyses of the performance for the water and wastewater utilities of Peqin, Cerrik and Himara, Albania” were conducted which assesses the current situation and evaluate key performance indicators based on verified basic data.
The baseline analysis included:

  • Analyses and evaluation of the current situation of the water supply and sanitation within the service areas of the water and waste water utilities of Peqin, Cerrik and Himara:
  • Identification of main objectives of the utilities;
  • Screening and analysing of the basic data (standard list of the Benchmarking);
  • Evaluation of accuracy/consistency of data;
  • Evaluation of sub-indicators of WUs for internal and monthly analysation of the performance.

Type of services provided:

  • In-depth review of the current water supply and sanitation conditions at water and wastewater of the municipality Peqin, Cerrik and Himara;
  • Water and sanitation service area basic mapping;
  • Inspect current water and sanitation infrastructure;
  • Examine institutional set-up and utilities’ organisational structure;
  • Obtain relevant base data through site visits and stakeholder consultation;
  • Preparation of water balances and analysing Non-Revenue-Water;
  • Analysing Financial Statements and commercial data;
  • Analysing technical and administrative procedures for administration, finance, customer services and operation & maintenance;
  • Calculation of Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs) and comparison with benchmarking targets in Albania;
  • Recommendation for support and performance improvement measures for the three water utilities in the fields of managerial capacity, technical capacity and financial / commercial capacity;
  • Preparation of Baseline Analysis Report.
German International Cooperation
05/2017 – 06/2017
Contract value: 21,696 €