Accompanying Training Measure for the Water Supply and Wastewater Utilities in Berat-Kuçova and Lushnja

Detailed description of project:

The objective of the Training Measure was the improvement of the economic and technical sustainability of the two water utilities in Berat/Kuçova and Lushnja as well as the enhancement of quality and reliability of water supply and sewerage services.

The water company of Berat and Kuçova “Ujesjelles Berat-Kuçova sh.a.” (NUKBK) was providing some 95,000 citizens with water and some 78,000 citizens with sewerage services. It was created in May 2008 by the merger of the formerly two independent water companies. Around 60,000 inhabitants are living in the supply area of the water company of Lushnja “Ujesjelles Lushnja sh.a” (NUKL) including the city of Lushnja and surrounding villages.

The overall objective of both the implementation and the institutional training measure (this project) was to enhance the quality and reliability of water supply and sewerage services and to improve the economic and technical sustainability of both water utilities.

Type of services provided:

Training measures for NUKBK and NUKL refered to:

  • Water loss reduction including standardised water balances, definition of non-revenue water, leak detection campaigns, fight against illegal connections etc.;
  • Improvement of the collection and billing efficiency by reorganisation measures and introduction of modern accounting procedures;
  • Customisation of the customer database;
  • Improvement of procedures and measures against default customers;
  • Introduction of a monitoring systems for customers’ claims;
  • Improvement of technical processes for water production, distribution, operation and maintenance;
  • Support to the management in developing a cost reduction plan;
  • Support to the management in preparing a business plan including staff requirements;
  • Introduction of a Management Information System (MIS).
Ujesjelles Berat-Kuçova sh.a. / Ujesjelles Lushnja sh.a
BMZ through KfW
02/2011 – 09/2013
Contract value: 
1,007,960 €