Final Evaluation of the Quang Dien Local Development Project (VIE/023) and Mid-term Evaluation of Western Nghe An Rural Development Project Phase III (VIE/028)

Detailed description of project:

The Quang Dien Local Development Project (VIE/023) shall achieve sustainable trends of poverty reduction and socio-economic development in the Thua Thien Hue province. The specific objective is to improve living conditions through (i) strengthening of local governance capacity and (ii) support of basic production and social infrastructure including related “service delivery” through achieving three results: 1) Strengthening of local authorities’ governance capacity in planning and budget management and acceleration of the Public Administration Reform (PAR); 2) Reinforcement of basic production and social infrastructure in alignment with environment aspects; 3) Enhancement of the service delivery quality related to basic production, social infrastructure, health, education, agricultural, vocational and employment services.

The Western Nghe An Rural Development Project, Phase III (VIE/028) shall alleviate poverty in three mountainous districts of Western Nghe An province. Its specific objective is to improve sustainable rural livelihoods through appropriate and diversified agricultural production and related infrastructures via: 1) Strengthening of local capacities to deliver appropriate sustainable agricultural development services; 2) Adoption of appropriate and diversified sustainable agricultural practices for the benefit of rural households; 3) Improved access of rural communities to goods and services.

Type of services provided:

  • Analysis of the results and specific objectives reached at the time of the evaluation, compared with what had been anticipated in the project document;
  • Analysis of the results achieved in terms of capacity development;
  • Analysis of the project’s management and monitoring;
  • Analysis of the project using the evaluation criteria (1. relevance, 2. effectiveness, 3. efficiency and 4. sustainability), also taking into account crosscutting aspects (good governance, gender, environment and climate);
  • Analysis of specifically: i) alignment versus quality standards, ii) institutional setup, iii) climate change and disaster preparedness, iv) planning and implementation issues and (v) Local development fund planning and implementation; and
  • Establishment of lessons learned and recommendations for future projects in the same sector with particular emphasis on poverty alleviation, good governance and climate change adaptation for the next phase of project VIE/023 and the continuation of project VIE/028.
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
06 – 10/2011
Contract value: 50,000 €