Water Supply and Sanitation Investment Programme Tranche 2: Detailed Engineering Design

Detailed description of project:

The Water Supply and Sanitation Services Investment Programme focuses on physical and institutional improvements in the water infrastructure in four Uzbek cities. Total investment costs of this tranche amount to 140 million US$ and cover the following fields:

  • Water Supply Development: This component develops safe, affordable, and more reliable piped water supply systems. It improves the quality and quantity of water supply with an average of 115–150 litres per capita per day of potable water. It consists of rehabilitation and limited expansion of water sources, including boreholes at identified groundwater sources; water transmission facilities; storage and service water tanks; pumping stations (including replacement of inefficient pumping machinery); chlorination facilities; and distribution networks. It ensures individual metered service connections, as well as structural improvements in plant and office buildings for each subproject. Operations and maintenance equipment is procured under this component.
  • Wastewater Management: This component improves sewerage systems and wastewater management in the provincial capitals. It includes (i) rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants; (ii) rehabilitation and expansion of the sewerage networks; and (iii) rehabilitation of sewerage pumping stations, including replacement of inefficient pumping machinery. Equipment for maintaining the sewerage systems will also be procured under this component.

Type of services provided:

Infrastructure components designed by the Consultant:

  • Water supply systems up to the year 2025 (water intake structures, treatment plants, water distribution centres, trunk mains and water networks) in Fergana (74,000 m3/day), Margilan (69,000 m3/day), Rishtan (12,900 m3/day) and Andijan (200,000 m3/day);
  • Rehabilitation of sewerage systems including wastewater treatment plant in Andijan city (110,000 m3/day).

Services provided:

  • Review of Feasibility Study and design parameters;
  • Preparation of the detailed engineering design;
  • Preparation of BoQs and bidding documents;
  • Support to construction supervision of all works.
Uzbekistan Communal Services Agency
ADB loan
09/2011 – 12/2012
Contract value: 1,870,000 €