Solid Waste Management Programme for Local Government Units

Detailed description of project:

The programme’s objective was to enable local government units (LGUs) to plan and operate integrated solid waste management systems in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. The executing agency was the national Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and, as a model, three of its regional Environmental Management Bureaus (EMB) in the Visayas. Main emphasis was placed on policy advice on national level, institutional establishment of the three EMB waste departments, training of EMB staff and enhancing their performance in regulatory functions and advisory services for some 90 local government units. At the same time, the set up of integrated management systems for household waste was supported in up to 12 selected medium-sized cities as partner LGUs. The programme also assisted in the development of an accredited training programme for EMB and LGU waste managers with a sequence of 18 training modules.

During the last phase (2010-2012), the National Commission for SWM Secretariat was advised on the elaboration of the National SWM Strategy 2012-2016, anchored on the 2004 National SWM Framework. The member agencies of the Commission, in collaboration with the consultant, undertook a substantial situational analysis to identify specific problems and related needs with regard to the implementation of the Waste Law RA 9003. Through a series of workshops, focus group discussions and specifically write-shops for drafting the strategy formulation, eight components were identified and envisioned to address the strategic issues and gaps that hindered the smooth implementation of RA 9003.

Type of services provided:

  • Review of municipal and provincial solid waste management plans;
  • Planning and implementation of recycling measures, involving also the informal sector, training of informal waste pickers;
  • Rehabilitation and extension of existing dumps to controlled sanitary landfills and assistance in their planning and permit application;
  • Establishment of an environmental monitoring system for dump sites and sanitary landfills;
  • Development of low-cost approaches to reduce methane emissions from waste disposal by applying soil cover for landfill rehabilitation;
  • Training of professional staff and assistance in setting up waste manage­ment departments including topics like composting, recycling, use of modern waste treatment technologies and reduction of climate-relevant gases;
  • Enhancement of know-how exchange and knowledge management with the National Commission for Solid Waste Management and stakeholders within the waste sector;
  • Support of the municipalities in applying for credits for investments in solid waste management;
  • Support to the National SWM Commission Secretariat in drafting and elaborating their new National SWM Strategy through methodological advice, especially write-shops.
German Technical Co-operation
01/2005 - 12/2012
Contract value: 3,209,392 €