Indus 21 – WCAP: Enhance Capacity Building of the Indus River System Authority (IRSA)

Detailed description of project:

The overall aim of the consulting services is to develop an effective, reliable and transparent flow forecasting system by measuring the flows at five pilot sites amongst 23 key sites to guarantee an effective water resources management of the Indus Basin Irrigation System. Main objectives are:

  • Development of stage-discharge relationships and calibration of discharge coefficients for different flow conditions (ranging from low to high flows);
  • Development of a water accounting and auditing system for proper water distribution and sharing of the stakeholders;
  • Development of an improved river flow forecasting system to assess the vulnerability of the river inflows due to climate change impacts on the Upper Indus Basin, aiming at an integrated and sustainable water resources management approach;
  • Training of IRSA staff on the flow forecasting system.

Type of services provided:

  • Review of all existing information and previous studies carried out by various departments, organisa­tions, agencies, and research institutions in the Upper Indus Basin to evaluate flow forecasting and climate change impacts and identify key gaps and uncertainties;
  • Selection of an appropriate snow / glacier melt model that can be used in conjunction with remote sensing data for flow forecasting of the Upper Indus Basin above the Tarbela Dam;
  • Development of forecasting procedures for major hydrological processes of seasonal snow and glacier melt during early Kharif and 10-daily flow forecasts;
  • Calibration and validation of all developed procedures using available records;
  • Assessment of changes of the Indus River inflows due to global warming or climate change impacts in the Upper Indus Basin;
  • Design and development of procedures to link all developed models/procedures to the Indus Basin Decision Support System (DSS);
  • Conduct training programmes for relevant IRSA staff on the River Flow Forecasting System including preparation of training modules.
Indus River System Authority
World Bank
09/2013 – 06/2014
Contract value: 1,196,288 €