Capacity Development Support to Governance (CDSG) II – Digitalisation of local public services

Detailed description of project:

Capacity Development Support to Governance (CDSG) II – Digitalisation of local public services aims to support the further digitalisation of local service at local government level helping to ensure that digital process can be appropriately applied by public officials and used by the population to access public service.

The improved exchange of information between the levels of government, but also the improved access of the population to public services (e.g. those offered by the municipal ward offices) should help to ensure that public tasks in the multi-level government system are offered in line with citizens’ demands; thereby strengthening the legitimacy of the federal system.

Our activities mainly focus on:

  • Mapping of digital readiness, identifying stakeholders and Local Digital Initiators;
  • Mapping and mobilising of support in municipalities for digital service delivery;
  • Supporting municipalities to design, adopt, test, pivot and deliver new public digital services and act as multipliers and initiators for digital service delivery;
  • Developing capacities of users of services, such as women and members of disadvantaged groups to access and use digital local services.

Type of services provided:

  • Mapping existing digital services, digital readiness, and available options for digital service delivery in 6 municipalities;
  • Selection of 20 ward offices for inclusive digital service delivery;
  • Conducting user research for key priorities for digital services and establish baseline data;
  • Awareness raising campaign for local elected representatives and municipal officials;
  • Human centred design workshops for identification, adaptation, and adoption of inclusive digital service delivery;
  • Adoption of inclusive digital service delivery in 6 selected wards;
  • Development of training concepts and documentation on the use of digital tools for service delivery for municipalities and wards;
  • Co-creation of information and awareness raising campaigns with ward office/ municipal stakeholders;
  • Conducting of awareness raising campaigns about the use of the e-services provided by the local government;
  • Training to access local services delivered by digital formats for women and members of disadvantaged groups;
  • Establishment of feedback mechanisms;
  • Dissemination of documentation of service delivery process design to relevant institutions (such as the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) and provincial governments);
  • Conduct peer-to-peer exchanges among provinces and municipalities on digital services;
  • Collection of data and insights on use and usefulness of services including recommendations for further action.
09/2022 - 11/2023
Contract value:
539,151 €