Support to Indonesia's Climate Change Response – Technical Cooperation Component

Detailed description of project:

The overall aim of the project is that Indonesia achieves its climate change response objectives in the LULUCF sector (Land-Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry). The project focuses on the Aceh Province to assist it in contributing in an effective and coherent way to the national REDD+ strategy, by designing and streamlining provincial REDD+ strategies with existing development planning frameworks and by implementing and monitoring sustainable, participatory, transparent, low-carbon and economically sound land-use decisions. The expected results are:

  • Consensus, capacities and relevant institutional frameworks are developed and strengthened to support the implementation of local initiatives that contribute to the national REDD+ strategy;
  • The monitoring of provincial forest ecological assets and other assets such as land tenure and forest governance is in place in Aceh and contributes to benefit sharing, facilitating participatory land-use planning and avoiding planning failure. These monitoring systems will be compliant with the MRV framework being developed at national level and will build on lessons from relevant initiatives such as FLEGT/SVLK;
  • New investments and economic development initiatives, in particular in the forestry, mining and plantation sectors, are compatible with low-carbon, resource efficiency, biodiversity and livelihoods concerns, relevant provincial initiatives and with the national REDD+ strategy.

Type of services provided:

  • Provision of major contributions on technical subjects, including supporting forest governance (Forest Management Units - FMU), climate change concepts (REDD+, PES, LEDS, FLEGT), conflict resolution strategies (FPIC), regional and spatial planning, remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
  • Provision of highly qualified international and national key- and non-key experts (mostly fluent in Bahasa);
  • Liaising with ongoing projects on Ecosystem Restoration Concession in Jambi and Gorontalo;
  • Provision of networking, communication and community outreach strategies.
National Development Planning Agency - BAPPENAS
01/2016 - 01/2019
Contract value: 6,498,000 €