Nias Island Livelihoods and Economic Development Programme

Detailed description of project:

The project is designed to improve livelihoods and local development. The objective is to facilitate post-disaster economic recovery by improving the ability of the government to work with poor rural households in Nias to identify, develop and sustain livelihoods opportunities.

Type of services provided:

Component 1: Livelihoods Group and Institutional Empowerment

  • Empowerment of beneficiaries (livelihood groups and district government) to improve their capacity to acquire social, management, financial and technical skills for livelihoods development activities via training of agriculture livelihood groups, women’s livelihood groups and local government agriculture services.

Component 2: Agricultural and other Livelihoods Improvement

  • Implementation of program activities (set up through component 1) utilising small group community support grants and technical support services. This component relates to the implementation of agriculture and women’s livelihoods groups’ activities and support to local government agriculture services.

Component 3: Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Development of the management and technical capacity for implementation of livelihoods programmes in Nias within the Kabupaten and Kecamatans (regional level) as well as on the national level (KPDT).
State Ministry of Disadvantaged Area Development
World Bank
01/2001 - 12/2012
Contract value: 2,880,450 €