Forest Programme II: Biodiversity and Watershed Kerinci Seblat

Detailed description of project:

The Programme supports Indonesia in strategy development and implementation of measures regarding conservation of biodiversity and watersheds in the framework of the national REDD+-Strategy through a project in and around the Kerinci-Seblat National Park (KSNP) and upper/middle watersheds of the Batanghari River (managed by BP-DAS) in western Jambi (Sumatra), and possibly at a second site elsewhere.

The Project’s core components are:

  1. Biodiversity: supporting the management of Kerinci-Seblat  NP in the project area.
  2. Integrated Watershed Development: support BP-DAS Batanghari improving and rehabilitating the upper and middle watershed of the Merangin Sub-Sub Watershed (MSSD).
  3. Protection and Rehabilitation of Forests and Forest Land: joint KSNP and BP-DAS biodiversity conservation and watershed development activities in communes bordering the Park.
  4. Project Management (for implementation of A - C).

Type of services provided:

  • Development of communication, awareness, and outreach strategies (park protection, watershed management, livelihoods);
  • Establishment of fora/partnerships (recognition & acceptance of the Park, human-wildlife conflict mediation, watersheds, livelihoods);
  • Park zonation and development of a resort-based park management strategy to improve biodiversity and habitat management.
  • Development of (master)plans (eco-tourism, watershed/forest rehabilitation & management, erosion control)Selection of & criteria for activities and areas for implementation of measures (afforestation/regeneration, erosion);
  • Establishment of baselines and monitoring systems (biodiversity, forest cover, carbon, water quality & quantity, erosion);
  • Technical guidelines, training, and workshops;
  • Project Management (financial, administrative, M&E, reporting).
Ministry of Environment and Forestry
BMZ through KfW
Contract value: 4,300,000 €