Feasibility Study for Forest Programme V – Social Forestry Support Programme

Detailed description of project:

Germany supports Indonesia in its efforts to harmonize rural economic development with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity conservation through sustainable forest management. The Indonesian Government is implementing a Social Forestry Programme to achieve this priority policy.

The feasibility study assessed success factors and shortcomings of the development programme and develops a proposal how the directorate general of social forestry as the implementing agency can be supported in the execution of their programme strategies. The study identified pilot areas with already licensed community-based forest management areas on which the enhanced strategies will exemplarily be implemented.

The major outputs of the planned programme are:

  1. The capacities of institutions, organizations and individuals in facilitating and supporting implementation of the social forestry programme has improved;
  2. Sustainable forest management and financially viable forest-based livelihood and enterprise models are applied by local communities.

Type of services provided:

The feasibility study included the following main elements:

  • Analysis of success factors and shortcomings of the Indonesian social forestry programme;
  • Preparation of a support programme proposal;
  • Definition of institutional arrangements and programme management structures;
  • Suggestion of a fund flow mechanism;
  • Impact, sustainability and risk analysis;
  • Detailed cost calculation and cost benefit analysis;
  • Climate relevant analysis (Adaptation and Mitigation);
  • ESMF and Community Planning Framework (CPF) development;
  • Peace and Conflict assessment.
Ministry of Environment and Forestry
BMZ through KfW
05/2018 - 06/2019
Contract value:
179,980 €