Farmer Empowerment through Agricultural Technology and Information (FEATI), Package 1

Detailed description of project:

The objectives are to develop a demand-driven, market oriented agricultural services system, based on partnerships between farmer groups, public agencies and private sector enterprises at all levels. The project includes the following five components:

  • Strengthen farmer-driven extension through strengthening farmer organizations and facilitating public-private partnerships via farmer-managed grants at village, district, and provincial levels;
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building - through addressing deficiencies in training/human resources, infrastructure and equipment at the district level as well as strengthening agribusiness training centres and revise curricula at the agricultural service institutes;
  • Enhance technology assessment and dissemination - improve linkages to the private sector;
  • Provision of knowledge and information services - support applications developed by the Centre for Agricultural Data and Information to improve information services to farmers through use of ICTs; and
  • Extension policy and project management support.

Type of services provided:

  • Preparation of manuals for training of extension staff and farmer facilitators on participatory facilitation methods, preparation of proposals for Farmer Managed Extension Activities (FMA) grants and manuals for implementation of these FMA grants at village, district and provincial levels;
  • Preparation of training manuals for Organisation Development (OD) Team at central, provincial and district level including manuals on the facilitation process of farmer organisation development at various levels;
  • Assistance to PPMU, DPIU and CPMU in preparing training manuals for extension staff on various technical training and training of project staff on project management;
  • Assistance to CPMU in preparing monitoring and evaluation manuals and its implementation including project reporting;
  • Assistance to AAHRD in preparing policies and guidelines related to agricultural extension and farmer organisation development;
  • Collaboration with other individual consultants recruited by AARD and CADI;
  • Performance of other tasks as requested by the project management.
Ministry of Agriculture, National Centre for Agricultural Extension Development
World Bank
03/2009 – 08/2011
Contract value: 1,793,000 €