Cost Catalogue for additional project management costs

Detailed description of project:

Recent experience with KfW-funded projects in the forestry sector in Indonesia has shown that costs are incurred during project implementation that were not considered during the preparation of financing agreements. Furthermore, differences in interpretation and application among different Project Executing Agencies occur. The present desk study aims at clarifying the situation and at providing a proposal (standard cost catalogue) on how to uniformly regulate the various forest sector projects funded by KfW in Indonesia.

Type of services provided:

  • Desk study (analysis of existing documents of KfW and other projects);
  • Interviews with various donors (KfW, GIZ, WB, ADB, UNDP etc.), consultants and with the Indonesian administration (MoEF, MoF, Bappenas etc.);
  • Simulation of travel costs (flights, accommodation, allowances) for selected projects;
  • Development of cost catalogue for the future use by KfW for Forest Projects in Indonesia;
  • Recommendations to what extent FC-contributions should be made available in the future for individual areas of FC projects and which accompanying measures are necessary for financial monitoring.
BMZ through KfW
BMZ through KfW
09/2022 - 11/2022
Contract value:
12,000 €