Consulting Services for Forest Programme III (Sulawesi) within the Indonesian-German Forest Programme

Detailed description of project:

Sulawesi is an area characterized by a high rate of endemism. The number of higher plant species may be about 5,000 species. Fauna of Sulawesi is one of the most distinctive in all of Indonesia particularly among the mammals.

The programme location is in the upper watersheds of Palu/Lariang and Lore Lindu National Park. The Lore Lindu National Park (TNLL) is one of the largest remaining mountainous rain forests in Sulawesi and has high importance in terms of biodiversity, culture as well archaeological aspects. The park covers an area of 217,991.18 ha. The Park is the core zone of the Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve, which was declared by UNESCO in 1977.

The overall objective of the Indonesian-German Forestry Programme is to contribute to the implementation of strategies for forest conservation and rehabilitation to reduce climate relevant emissions and improve livelihoods of the rural poor. The programme is co-financed by The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development through KfW.

Forest Programme III has the following Outputs:

O1: Integrity of Lore Lindu National Park is secured.

O2: Degraded forests in the sub water-sheds of Miu, Gumbasa, Wuno, Bambamua and Upper Lariang are rehabilitated / restored.

O3: Livelihoods in villages bordering the national park and near to protection forests are improved.

O4: Support for research in the areas of biodiversity conservation and climate.

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Type of services provided:

  • Supporting communication among project partners and other stakeholders;
  • Provision of finance and administrative support (the fund flow is integrated in the Indonesian finance system called DIPA);
  • Strengthening the link between government institutions and civil society and research institutions;
  • Provision of technical advice to ensure the proper implementation of project activities;
  • Strengthening of law enforcement;
  • Support of biodiversity protection and monitoring (forest stand and key-species);
  • Improvement of national park infrastructure;
  • Assisting in the rehabilitation of 3,000 HA degraded forest area;
  • Establishment of indigenous tree plantations, agroforestry and community forests (Hutan Desa);
  • Establishment of river flood and erosion control structures;
  • Fostering of income opportunities for women;
  • Support research activities.
BMZ through KfW
01/2017 – 12/2024
Contract value: 4,610,460 €