Support to River Ganga Rejuvenation II (SGR II): Facilitation of the Institutional Development Process of the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) taking into account European / International Good Practice Examples of River Basin Organisations (RBO)

Detailed description of project:

The Services are carried out as part of the Support to Ganga Rejuvenation (SGR) Phase II Project. The SGR II Project is implemented in conjunction with the Development and Implementation Support to the India-EU Water Partnership, Phase II (IEWP Action, Phase II), jointly co-financed by the European Union (EU) and BMZ. The Project’s overall objective is to support responsible stakeholders at national level as well as in selected states and districts in the application of integrated approaches to River Basin Management (RBM) taking EU methods and experience into account, to facilitate cooperation between India and EU Member States on water-related issues, and to help flagging business opportunities for EU companies. To this end, the Services will to: (1) Develop the organisational structure of the NMCG in-line with the Authority Notification 2016 and by taking into account European/ international RBOs’ experiences, and (2) develop three Standard Operating Processes (SOPs) with regard to planning, implementation, and monitoring for integrated RBM within the scope of the developed organisational structure.

In short, this will be achieved through four work packages (WPs): WP1: Detail the scope of the Services and consolidate the understanding of NMCG’s legal mandate and its current and expected role and identify comparable and potentially transferable RBO examples from Europe and/or internationally. WP2: Consultation of relevant stakeholders and outline cooperation and exchange mechanisms between NMCG, its state missions and other (water) authorities, and accordingly propose an organisational structure for NMCG. WP3: Structure standard processes for planning, implementing and monitoring integrated RBM which are required for NMCG to fill its role as RBO (in the context of the proposed organisational structure) while engaging its state missions. WP4: Finalisation of the main deliverables of WPs 2 and 3.

GIZ’s Gender Expert will be engaged throughout the Services to ensure gender mainstreaming into the activities of the Services.

Type of services provided:

WP1: Inception Phase

  • Determine NMCG’s vision of the institutional change to an RBO;
  • Define activities for gender mainstreaming;
  • Consolidate and analyse available resources (Authority Notification 2016, technical documents, institutional assessment reports);
  • Develop a strategic framework incl. overall approach for further institutional development of NMCG and its shift towards an RBO;
  • Analytical comparison and gap analysis of two European / international RBOs with Authority Notification 2016.

WP2: Develop Draft Organisational Structure of the NMCG

  • Consultation meetings with NMCG and other relevant actors;
  • Propose an organisational structure for NMCG considering the RBM Cycle approach and gender mainstreaming;
  • Develop the necessary processes for securing the approval of the Executive Committee (EC) of the NMCG.

WP3: Develop Implementable Standard Processes for Effective Functioning of NMCG and SMCGs within the Scope of the Draft Organisational Structure

  • Identify standard processes required by NMCG and SMCGs for planning, implementation, and monitoring of integrated RBM in the context of the RBM Cycle approach; and select three processes for the development of detailed SOPs (incl. identification of foreseen challenges for their implementation);

WP4: Finalisation and Approval of Organisational Structure of the NMCG and Three SOPs for NMCG and SMCGs

  • Review and finalise the organisational structure of NMCG and three SOPs upon receiving feedback / suggestions from GIZ, NMCG and other key stakeholders.
GIZ India
10/2021 – 10/2022
Contract value:
213,932 €