Xining Greening and Environmental Protection, Qinghai Province

Detailed description of project:

Xining is the capital of Qinghai Province and the key driver of economic growth in the province. The city has experienced an accelerated planned urbanisation, coupled with an expansion of services and the of the tourism sector. In order to develop a Model City for National Environmental Protection, the municipal government is carrying out an investment programme entitled “Three large engineering projects- blue sky, green river, quiet residence”. This entails the peri-urban greening of the North and South mountain ranges of the Qilian Mountains, which are the principal available areas for urban green space expansion.

The project foresees the financing of participatory land use and landscape planning, the establishment of ecological mountain landscape forests, the development of the Taershan Nature Experience Park, the improvement of environmental education programmes, the establishment of a monitoring system and capacity building measures.

It aims to improve the living conditions of the local population and to enhance the environmental quality of peri-urban areas around Xining.

The cost of the overall project is EUR 28.6 million, of which 20 million is covered by a KfW Promotional Loan.

Type of services provided:

  • Tendering and construction of nature experience facilities as well as the reception of works;
  • Development of irrigation designs for afforestation sites as well as the conception of a drip irrigation system;
  • Construction of forest roads and other rural infrastructure;
  • Conception of village afforestation plans, park master plans and management plans;
  • Creation of business plans for tourism facilities;
  • Design and implementation of environmental education campaigns;
  • Set up and implementation of an ecological monitoring system;
  • Creation of a medium-term peri-urban greening strategy (forest function mapping);
  • Remote sensing/GIS for the creation of maps for the allocation of forest land;
  • Management of potential social and environmental risks/ensuring compliance with KfW’s social and ecological safeguards;
  • Capacity building of park staff on drip irrigation.
Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau
BMZ through KfW
02/2017 - 02/2023
Contract value:
873,164 €