Sustainable Development of Disadvantaged Rural Areas Yunnan Province

Detailed description of project:

The Project comprises consulting services to the client and the Project Executing Authority at the Agricultural Department of Yunnan Province in Kunming and includes advisory services, training and operational assistance. Support comprises technical assistance for investments in infrastructure (ca. 150 ha) for irrigation from reservoirs and cisterns, the construction of household-based rainwater collection tanks, water supply schemes at village level and improvement of agricultural practice including the rehabilitation of erosion gullies. This includes capacity building and training of project management staff and user groups.

Type of services provided:

  • Participatory planning and decision making including investment planning for the construction of irrigation infrastructure and water supply schemes;
  • Support for implementation (design, tendering, procurement and supervision) of construction and rehabilitation works;
  • Rehabilitation of erosion gullies;
  • Advice on improvements in agricultural practice;
  • Establishment and empowerment of user groups, promotion of good governance;
  • Strengthening of district administrations to support and supervise local water supply schemes;
  • Introduction of water saving measures considering climate change effects;
  • Hygiene awareness campaigns;
  • Training in project management according to financial cooperation rules;
  • Training of user groups in operation and maintenance of the water supply schemes.
Ministry of Finance
BMZ through KfW
04/2009 - 12/2013
Contract value:
548,103 €