Poverty Alleviation Programme Xinjiang

Detailed description of project:

Within the framework of the Sino-German Poverty Alleviation Programme Xinjiang, the project aims to sustainably improve the incomes of up to 7,000 poor households whose low incomes result from insufficiently irrigated land and low yields due to irrigation water shortage. The specific objectives are a) to increase the area of irrigated land for fruit tree cultivation; and b) to increase the fruit tree yields through improved irrigation systems.

The project introduces water-saving irrigation techniques and facilitates access to irrigation water. The project will hand over the management of village level irrigation schemes to water user associations and introduce cost-covering irrigation water fees for increased project sustainability. The project follows two models of intervention:

  • Reclamation of abandoned crop lands through fruit tree establishment and drip irrigation (on about 20 sites); and
  • Intensification of existing cropping systems through fruit tree establishment and sub-surface pipes/lined canals irrigation (on about 10 sites).

The target group will be actively involved in all project activities.

Type of services provided:

  • Participatory planning and selection of subprojects;
  • Technical design, tendering and implementation of approx. 20 drip irrigation facilities (3,000 ha);
  • Construction supervision of works;
  • Establishment and strengthening of water users’ associations (establishment in villages where so far none exist, institutional and technical advice to established associations);
  • Introduction of water fees and own financial management;
  • Training of water user associations in proper operation and maintenance of the irrigation systems;
  • Monitoring of the programme’s implementation and of impacts on various levels;
  • Selection of private nurseries; and
  • Involvement of beneficiaries, especially women, in the programme from the very beginning.
Xinjiang Water Resources Bureau
BMZ through KfW
05/2005 - 10/2014
Contract value: 1,900,178 €