Water Resources Sector Strategies (TA 8015-REG)

Detailed description of project:

The regional technical assistance (RETA) seeks to develop water sector strategies that the governments in the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan will use for investment planning. The Water Operational Plan 2011–2020 of the Asian Development Bank has established basic principles to address water stress and scarcity by increasing the productivity of water. The three countries were chosen because they face water stress, but have already prioritised the water sector in their national develop­ment strategies and are likely candidates for subsequent water-related project financing through ADB. Projects proposed under the RETA will improve water service delivery and agricultural productivity of land and water.

Type of services provided:

Sector assessments to identify and prioritize river basin and irrigation system challenges:

  • Review of national and sector development strategies, investment plans and reports;
  • Discussions with relevant agencies, other donors, NGOs;
  • Identification and prioritisation of main water sector challenges;
  • Estimate water supplies, demands, balances for all users including hydropower and irrigation, and expected climate change impacts at national and river basin level;
  • Assessment of flood risk management systems and management organizations;
  • Assessment of Government policies, institutional and staff capacities for integrated river basin and main irrigation system management;
  • Assessment of present and potential performance of irrigation systems, identification of causes for poor performance and deteriorated infrastructure;
  • Assessment of system operation and maintenance requirements and realistic costs.

Development of a list of priority investment projects for each country:

  • Screening, ranking and selection criteria of potential projects to investment plans and identifying and prioritising investment projects to implement the agreed strategy;
  • Undertaking workshops in each country for approval of the list of priority projects using feedback from the government, donors and NGOs;
  • Development of draft concept papers for priority investment projects selected from each country's list through preparation of (a) practical main irrigation system infrastructure and management outputs; (b) implementation and organisational capacity development arrangements; and (c) associated policy and institutional reforms;
  • Preparation and dissemination of the final concept paper for each government and final report including development of knowledge product summarising the TA process and outputs.
Asian Development Bank
Asian Development Bank
05/2012 – 04/2013
Contract value:
808,000 €