Support to stakeholder communication processes for Integrated Water Resources Management in Kairouan and Sidi Bou Zid

Detailed description of project:

The project is integrated into the five fields of activity of the ongoing GIZ programme: « Support for Integrated Water Resources Management – AGIRE II » and aims to facilitate the establishment of water fora promoting dialogue between public, private and civil society water users based on mutual trust and a common vision of sustainable water management. AHT’s intervention aims at strengthening the capacity of users to organise themselves to find agreed solutions, and thus improve trust, transparency and regular communication between the actors.

Type of services provided:

  • Consolidation of the Forum Sbikha-Nebhana :

Consolidation and institutionalisation of the coordination committee for local arbitration; Consolidation of the actors’ network; Elaboration of the action and management plans; Technical support « water resources »; Elaboration and implementation of a monitoring system for the action and management plan; Support the process to formalise and adopt the action plan; Support the institutionalisation of the meetings of the forum Sbikha-Nebhana; Support the priorisation of the actions (multi-criteria decision making tools, coaching, advising, etc.); Support the development strategy for the forums’ extension;

  • Establishment of a water forum in Sidi Bou Zid :

Analysis of the social network related to pertinent aspects of water management; Diagnostic analysis of the water resource inventory (utilisation, change, challenge); Dialogic process in three steps based on the experiences in Sbikha-Nebhana; Facilitation of stakeholder engagement; Ensure exchanges with the forum Sbikha-Nebhana; Support the selection process for the representatives to the forum; Information sharing and utilisation of the WEAP decision support tool; Facilitating the development of a common vision related to good water management; Support the development of common principles related to good water management Support the process to elaborate an action and management plan; Support the key actors to coordinate and monitor the implementation of proposed measures; Support and facilitate the inaugural meeting  of the Water Forum Sidi Bou Zid;

  • Capacity Development of key actors:

Evaluation of capacities and elaboration of a strategy for capacity development, Capacity development for dialogue and decision making, realisation of trainings; Coaching for key actors;

  • Communication support:

Development support for the implementation of a communication strategy (Sbikha-Nebhana); Support the internal and external communication of the forums; Integration of the decision support tool (WEAP) in the internal communication of the networks; Facilitate the exchange between the two fora and with similar platforms; Facilitate “bottom-up” communication; Documentation of progress.

International Cooperation (GIZ)
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Contract value:
650,302 €