Sludge Treatment and Disposal Program - Accompanying Measures

Detailed description of project:

Two main themes are addressed in the Programme:

  • Technical Investments
  • Accompanying Measures

The following services of the Consultant concern the part "Accompanying Measures", however the Consultant implement in parallel services related to the “Technical Investments", which are part of an independent tender.

The main objective of the Consultant services is the support and assistance of the ONAS in the implementation of the Investment Measures Programme of the sludge management and valorization action plan which is structured around the following missions A - H:

(A) Institutional and organizational support, (B) Support for the development and promotion of sludge valorization, (C) Training and further training, (D) Awareness raising measures and information campaigns, (E) An analytical accounting system to help update the pricing system according to the additional costs emanating from the sludge sector, (F) A monitoring and evaluation system, (G) Support for the implementation of the "Environmental and Social Management Plans", (H) Support for the operation of the works.

The "Technical Investments" include the realization of a drying unit, the realization of a biogas valorization unit, the sludge storage center, the creation of valorization centers, the development of storage areas on site or collection and the acquisition of equipment in different regions (28 treatment stations concerned) throughout Tunisia (4 regions).

Type of services provided:

Mission A:

  • Strengthen the capacities of the relevant ONAS departments;
  • Support the sludge transport operation from the different sites.

Mission B:

  • Support the development and promotion of the green (use in agriculture) and red (use for energy generation, e.g. in cement plants) value chains.

Mission C:

  • Develop a concept for training and development measures;
  • Train different actors (from ONAS) in Tunisia (e.g. sludge treatment to improve its quality and valorization in agriculture and cement works) and abroad (operation and maintenance of the installations).

Mission D:

  • Carry out awareness-raising activities and information campaigns for farmers, cement manufacturers and service providers' staff.

Mission E:

  • Support the updating of cost accounting by developing a heading or an IT tool in view of the new needs arising from the impact of the sludge sector.

Mission F:

  • Develop and install the Programme's monitoring and evaluation system.

Mission G:

  • Support ONAS in the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plans.

Mission H:

Support ONAS in the supervision of the personnel operating the units listed above and assist the personnel in all operational matters and ensure the technological transfer of the various installations during the first 12 months after operation start.

Office National de l’Assainisse-ment (ONAS), Tunis
BMZ through KfW
02/2020 – 01/2024
Contract value: 1,952,133 €