Modernisation of Public Irrigation Schemes of Sidi Thabet: Engineering Component

Detailed description of project:

The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture is modernising the public irrigation systems in the Lower Medjerda Valley which have been in operation for about 50 years. The current project covers three irrigation perimeters located approx. 20 km west of Tunis, i.e. Djebel Ammar (1,470 ha), Sidi Thabet (1,800 ha) and Cherfech (1,776 ha, drainage component only).

The works include two pumping stations (Q = 1,518 l/s, H = 37 m; Q = 451 l/s, H = 70 m), a water treatment plant (2 m3/s), two reservoirs (30,500 and 9,000 m3), transport mains (12 km), a distribution network, about 2,000 ha of sub-surface drainage and feeder roads.

The open channel irrigation system is replaced by a pressurised sub-surface system, enabling the introduction of water saving irrigation technologies (drip and sprinkler irrigation). Water consumption is monitored, and farmers are charged according to water consumption and equipped irrigated area. Operation and maintenance of the tertiary system and the collection of water charges are assigned to farmer organisations. As an integral part of project implementation, all  activities for planning, construction supervision and commissioning of the system are based on a participatory approach involving all farmers of the irrigation schemes modernised.

Type of services provided:

  • Review of the feasibility study for the modernisation (drip and sprinkler irrigation), revision of the proposed rehabilitation options including cost estimate;
  • Detailed and final design;
  • Preparation of tender documents for the works and supplies;
  • Assistance to the CRDA during bid evaluation and contracting;
  • Supervision of construction works and supplies.
CRDA de l’Ariana
BMZ through KfW
02/2013– 04/2017
Contract value: 1,626,400 €