Modernisation of Public Irrigation Schemes in the Lower Medjerda Valley: Accompanying Measures

Detailed description of project:

Within the framework of the Water Sector Investment Programme “PISEAU” (Programme d’investissement dans le secteur de l’eau), the Ministry of Agriculture – represented by the CRDA of Manouba - is rehabilitating and improving the existing irrigation schemes in the Lower Medjerda Valley. The irrigation schemes, which cover a total area of 4,320 ha, have been in operation for approximately 40 years.

The intention of the project is to use water resources more efficiently, intensify irrigated agriculture and transfer operation and maintenance to water user organisations (WUAs). Modernisation of the perimeters is done by switching from gravity irrigation by open canals to pressurised systems with mainly drip irrigation on the field level. Construction works include two pumping stations (Q = 3,060 l/s, H = 53 m, Q = 915 l/s, H = 34 m), a water treatment plant (3.06 m3/s), two reservoirs (22,000 and 14,000 m3), transport mains (29 km) and distribution network (135 km), drainage network and access roads.

The beneficiaries are involved in all stages of the project activities, i.e. the planning, design and construction. In order to ensure a smooth and sustainable implementation of the project, emphasis has not only been placed on engineering aspects, but also on so-called accompanying measures: water user organisations and competent agencies are supported and trained in such a way that they can assume responsibility for operation and maintenance of the modernised irrigation schemes.

Type of services provided:

Accompanying Measures:

  • Institutional support of the CRDA in technical and logistical matters;
  • Assistance to the CRDA in designing and implementing a water tariff and M&E system;
  • Strengthening of the WUA in legal, organisational, administrative, financial and technical aspects;
  • Training of the WUA coordination unit and the water management unit of the CRDA;
  • Establishment of an action plan to enhance the management capacities of the WUAs;
  • Training of WUAs in operation and maintenance of the irrigation schemes.
Ministère de l’Agriculture, CRDA de Manouba
BMZ through KfW
02/2006 – 05/2015
Contract value: 2.090.911 €