Improved integrated water resource management (IRWM) in the Mornag public irrigated schemes – Accompanying measures

Detailed description of project:

The Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resource and Fisheries aims to ensure integrated, efficient, ecological and sustainable management of water resource and the sustainable use of agricultural soils on the Mornag plain, southeast of the city of Tunis. The project consists of two components: the first is dedicated to the artificial recharge of the Mornag aquifer with treated wastewater from the “Sud Méliane II” water treatment plant, and with surface water from the Medjerda Cap Bon Canal (CMCB). The second component addresses the rehabilitation of Mornag irrigated schemes on a total area of 6,812 ha.

The recharge component aims at recharging the aquifer with treated wastewater and surface water from the Medjerda Cap Bon Canal (CMCB). The rehabilitation component aims at rehabilitating the irrigation infrastructure of the Mornag irrigated public schemes, which have been operational since 1982.

One of the main challenges of the project is to transfer the management and maintenance of the secondary and tertiary water supply networks to farmer’s organizations (GDA) after their rehabilitation. The participation of all beneficiaries in the different components is essential for the successful completion of the project. The components include conventional and non-conventional recharge, the acceptability of the use of treated wastewater for irrigation, the rehabilitation or modernization of existing infrastructure and their autonomous management/operation, as defined in the project framework, and irrigation water fees.

The pressure in the irrigation network will be increased to enable the introduction of water saving methods (such as drip and sprinkler irrigation). The management and the maintenance of the tertiary system and the water fees collection will be done by farmer’s organizations (groupements de développement agricole).

Type of services provided:

  • Support to the CRDA of Ben Arous to clarify the nature of the participation and to define the missions of the main stakeholders, including farmer organizations (GDA);
  • Support to, and capacity development of the Departments and Services of the CDRA for the project execution and the management of the rehabilitated scheme, the promotion of farmer organizations, the implementation of water saving systems and water fees, and monitoring and evaluation;
  • Support to farmer organizations (which manage the tertiary networks delegated by the CRDA) during all planning and execution steps of the project;
  • Support to the design and the implementation of a monitoring system for predictable impacts (direct and indirect) on the environment of the project, both for human and natural aspects and for analysis and evaluation of the scope of these impacts, and both on quality and quantity basis;
  • Support to the CDRA of Ben Arous and to the DG/GREE for the evaluation of the experience gained from the project implementation, in order to use it in other projects and programs.
CRDA Ben Arous
BMZ through KfW
10/2015 - 12/2023
Contract value:
871,280 €