Implementation of the mobilization system for the Borj El Amri public irrigated perimeter

Detailed description of project:

Within the framework of the "Laaroussia Canal Master Plan" Programme, co-financed with the participation of KfW, the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries, represented by the Manouba Regional Commissariat for Agricultural Development (CRDA), is considering the replacement of the pumping station of the Borj El Amri public irrigated perimeter, located in the south-west of the city of Manouba.

The existing perimeter covers a total area of 2,500 ha with the potential for extensions and doubling of the surface area.

The existing mobilization system is composed of the conveyance system between the canal and the pumping station, a storage basin, the discharge pipes and a regulation basin.

In view of the obsolescence of the existing pumping station and to secure the continuation of the irrigation water supply, it is therefore necessary to implement/realize a new mobilization system for the supply of the Borj El Amri perimeter.

In general, two different variants for the renewal of the mobilization system seem to be conceivable for the source of irrigation water:

  1. Supply of the perimeter from the Laaroussia Canal;
  2. Direct supply from the Mejerda River from the Laaroussia dam reservoir.

Type of services provided:

The consultant services are summarized in six phases (this first contract relates to phases 1 to 3):

  • Phase 1: Study of the identification of feasible variants and PSA study of the selected variant.
  • Phase 2: Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Phase 3: Detailed Design Study of the chosen solution;
  • Phase 4: Preparation of tender documents, evaluation of bids and preparation of contracts;
  • Phase 5: Execution studies;
  • Phase 6: Control of works.
CRDA of Manouba
BMZ through KfW
02/2020 – 10/2020
Contract value:
296,254 €