Detailed design, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and preparation of tender documents for the rehabilitation/expansion of the Laaroussia Canal transport/regulation capacity

Detailed description of project:

The public irrigated schemes (PPI) of the Lower Valley of the Medjerda (BVM), developed on an area of 27,000 ha are nearly 60 years old and are now facing problems of obsolescence of hydro-agricultural infrastructure (Laaroussia Canal, pumping stations, gravity intakes, network of canals, etc.). The process of modernisation of these areas must continue to preserve the existing areas and improve the conditions of development of the farms, within the framework of a rational and sustainable use of available water resources.

  • The detailed design study will aim at defining the general and hydraulic design of the rehabilitation of the canal (civil engineering and equipment), the adjacent works, the surroundings, the infrastructure of protection against runoff and drainage as well as the design of the remote management system. It will start with a field inspection;
  • Based on the Environmental and Social Management Framework of the BVM's PPI Modernisation Master Plan and the Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) of the Laaroussia Canal rehabilitation/expansion project (APS phase), the consortium will establish the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and the detailed Environmental/Social Monitoring (ESM) of the project.

Type of services provided:

Detailed design for rehabilitation / expansion of the Laroussia Canal:
Development of a rehabilitation plan for the Laroussia Canal

  • Study of the provisions to be made for water diversion during the construction phase;
  • Operation and maintenance plan;
  • Proposal for staff and financial resources for the management of the canal and its maintenance;
  • Schedule of implementation;
  • Cost estimates for management and maintenance;
  • Financial and economic analysis of the most adequate/efficient solution.

ESIA and Environmental and Social Management Plan: Identification of impacts, environmental measures and ESMP

  • Complementary social study with detailed inventory of the beneficiaries of the individual intakes and socio-economic survey;
  • Assistance for the concertation related to the development of green spaces and the covering of the canal in Tebourba;
  • Establishment of the use rights of the canal;
  • Elaboration of the files to decree the hydraulic public domain (DPH) of the canal.
CRDA Manouba
BMZ through KfW
12/2021 - 07/2022
Contract value:
778,572 €