Assessment of the Water Tariff Policy

Detailed description of project:

The study is carried out within the framework of the « PISEAU II » Programme, with the general objective of developing proposals for future approaches to irrigation water pricing, accounting for different types of public irrigated perimeters, water sources (with regard to quality and quantity), and regional specificities.  

The assessment study considers the following four aspects:

  • A binomial tariff for large public irrigated perimeters (PPI) and small and medium hydraulic perimeters (PMH);
  • Preferred pricing arrangements;
  • Pricing for the use of treated wastewater; and
  • Development and support for the implementation of a specific strategy for awareness raising and communication for irrigation water pricing.

Type of services provided:

Diagnostic assessment and development of pricing proposals:

  • Diagnostic of modes and pricing formulae for irrigation water;
  • Calculation of water costs and analysis of existing pricing arrangements;
  • Collection and compilation of technical standards for calculating the cost of water;
  • Definition of objective levels and rate of evolution for cost recovery;
  • Assessment of the impact that future tariffs may have on the budget of managers and farmers.

Validation and adaptation of proposed tariffs:

  • Revision of proposed tariffs;
  • Development of communication programmes;
  • Organisation and moderation of workshops.

Validation and implementation of targeted communication and awareness raising programmes:

  • Development, validation and publication of legal texts;
  • Diffusion of targeted communication and awareness raising programmes;
  • Organisation and moderation of workshops.
Ministère de l’Agriculture, Direction Générale du Génie Rural et de l’Exploitation des Eaux (DGGREE)
BMZ through KfW
01/2015 – 07/2018
Contract value:
578,570 €