Programme for Technical and Vocational Education and Employment for Young People

Detailed description of project:

In charge for the project implementation, the Ministry of Vocational Education, Professional Training and Industry (METFPI) delegated its responsibility to the National Fund for Learning, Education and Vocational Training (Fonds National d’Apprentissage, de Formation et de Perfectionnement Professionnel, FNAFPP). The objective of the program is to improve the quality of and access to technical and vocational training in the three medium-sized cities Kpalimé, Sokodé and Tsévié. In total, seven public or private Centres for Technical and Vocational Training (Établissements de l’enseignement technique et professionnel, ETFP) are supported.

During this first phase, the programme focuses on the sector which employs the major part of the work force: the agro-sylvo-pastoral sector.

The financial support is directed at the following components:

Component 1 : Investment measures with a disposition fund of 3,000,000 Euro

  • Construction and rehabilitation of teaching facilities in the public or private ETFPs (class rooms, workshops, specialised class rooms), of production units of the participating cooperatives, groups and enterprises (processing lines for agricultural products, storage areas, etc.), including monitoring of the work in progress;
  • Equipment of training workshops and production units (machines, work places, equipment, pedagogic and didactic material);

Component 2 : Accompanying measures with a disposition fund of 3,000,000 Euro

  • Training of trainers, of producers and craftsmen in the use of the installed equipment, training of economic actors in the domains of professional integration and in access to financing etc.;
  • Development of training programmes for the ETFPs;
  • Promotion of managerial capacities in the ETFPs;
  • Creation of a training network and assistance to the agro-sylvo-pastoral professions and the agricultural entrepreneurs;
  • Information campaigns and awareness raisin.

Type of services provided:

Overall management

  • Assistance to FNAFPP in all aspects of the planning, implementation, steering and monitoring of the programme, including the production of an operating manual, the co-management of the two available funds, the production of reports, M&E etc.

Construction activities

  • Evaluation of buildings, elaboration of the preliminary planning, the detailed planning as well as of the Tender Dossier, quality monitoring of the implementation of the works on site until the final infrastructures have been approved, including the elimination of defaults during the guarantee phase and assistance during the final approval.

Provision of material and training tools

  • Selection of the necessary equipment, execution of the call for proposals and of the contract award, coordination of the installations, verification of the user manuals, supervision of the vocational training offered by the equipment providers, reexamination of the equipment before the end of the guarantee period, elaboration of an adapted procedure for the exploitation and maintenance of buildings and long-term maintenance of the equipment.

Accompanying measures

  • FNAFPP: execution of informational and awareness raising activities ; identification, planning and organisation of the trainings for trainers (in direct cooperation with the technical cooperation GIZ);
  • ETF: strengthening of managerial capacities, management of a monitoring system for their graduates, training of trainers, producers and craftsmen in the use of the provided equipment. Training of the economic actors in the domains of professional integration, access to financing etc. (the last activity is subcontracted to GEFAK).

Ministère de l’Enseignement Technique de la Formation Professionnelle et de l’Industrie (METFPI), Fonds National d’Apprentissage, de Formation et de Perfectionnement Professionnel (FNAFPP)

BMZ through KfW
08/2015 - 10/2018
Contract value:
996,550 €