Program for support to decentralization (PAD) – Phase 1 + 2

Detailed description of project:

The project in the Good Governance / Decentralization sector aims to strengthen secondary cities (Phase I: Zio, Kloto, Tchaoudjou, Phase II: Zio, Kloto, Tchaoudjou): Ogou, Lacs, Sotouboua, Koza, Tône) through the promotion of local economic circuits, particularly through the sustainable operation of the economic infrastructure made available, and to improve local governance in order to help supply the population of the three cities with economic infrastructure, basic public services and political participation at the communal level, so that they become regional growth poles and contribute to improving the living conditions of the populations.

This project of the German Financial Cooperation (FC) consists of three main components:

  1. Construction or rehabilitation of priority economic infrastructures already identified for the first phase, especially markets and / or bus stations (in project management delegated by AGETUR-TOGO);
  2. Capacity building and support to communal administrations and other relevant local actors, closely coordinated with GIZ, in the following areas: project identification and participatory infrastructure planning (through a local coordination committee and an innovative citizen-based monitoring-evaluation system), execution of calls for tenders, project management (in project ownership assisted by the Consultant for Communal Infrastructure), technical control, supervision and control of works, revenue generation and collection, financial management and control, implementation, management, operation and sustainable maintenance through examples of infrastructure financed by the German Financial Cooperation;
  3. Creation and animation of a sustainable innovative citizen-based monitoring-evaluation system to promote transparency and accountability of communal administrative procedures as well as local participation. In concrete terms, citizens are invited by the local radio to send messages on certain communal themes (to be defined by the local coordination committee) via SMS, or by calling a central number.

Type of services provided:

The FC Consultant, on behalf of AGETUR-TOGO, assists MATDCL/DDCL, AGETUR-TOGO, UCT and the targeted cities in all institutional aspects of the planning, execution and implementation of the Project:

  1. Component 1: The FC consultant is primarily responsible for the quality assurance of each stage of execution carried out by AGETUR-TOGO, in particular in relation to:
  • Quality review of the planning (baseline studies, preliminary design study, detailed design study) ;
  • Quality assurance of the tender documents;
  • Quality assurance of procurement and contractualization of service providers;
  • Monitoring of the supervision and execution of works and their commissioning;
  • Control of financial proposals and costs, with co-signature of calls for funds;
  • Support for provisional and final acceptance;
  • Monitoring and control of environmental and social impact studies (ESIA);
  • Monitoring of the application of the High Intensity of Manpower-based approach (HIMO);
  • Support to all non-objections by KfW required for the implementation of the project.
  1. Component 2: Capacity building and support to communal administrations and other relevant local actors (in consultation with GIZ). The FC consultant is primarily responsible for the implementation of the component 2 and assists the communes as project owner in the implementation of small-scale investment projects, which are carried out in the form of an assistance to the construction works (Maîtrise d'Ouvrage Assistée (MOA)), where the municipal administration signs the contracts with the planning and construction companies themselves. The FC consultant assists the municipalities at every stage of their MOA.
  2. Component 3: Creation, implementation, animation and sustainable management of an innovative computerized system of monitoring-evaluation by citizens through a device based on mobile telephony.
  3. Project management support (financial management including a provision fund, reporting, coordination, quality assurance).
Agence d’Exécution de Travaux Urbains (AGETUR-TOGO)
BMZ through KfW

11/2014 - 12/2022

Contract value: 4,180,196 €