Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation (LVWATSAN) - lnstitutional Strengthening & Capacity Building

Detailed description of project:

Under the Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation (LVWATSAN) initiative, water, wastewater and sanitation infrastructure is financed via the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (appr.100 million EUR investment). The initiative aims to protect the environment of Lake Victoria and improve the wellbeing of the population in the Lake Basin.

The objective of this project is to enhance the capacity of the Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA) to ensure that the client is equipped with skills and operational tools to sustainably manage the new additional infrastructure.

The Capacity Building approach strengthens the implementation of the long-term investment program (LTIP), which prescribes the infrastructure interventions in water, wastewater and sanitation up to 2040.

Eight major components are covered by the Consultant: Business Planning, Financial Management, Financial Systems Software, Billing Systems Software, Asset Management and GIS Systems, Sanitation Operations, Accelerated Connections and Industrial Compliance.

Principal contributions by the Consultant are:

  • Advisory to the client for improved business performance;
  • Reviews and adaptions of IT and software systems;
  • Organisational development proposals;
  • Training and capacity building of client’s employees;
  • Reporting, quality control and backstopping services.

Type of services provided:

Besides the components 2 to 5, which are managed and implemented by AHT, the Consultant also provides advisory services on the organisational development of the water utility. Their realization includes the identification of technical, administrative and financial solutions while tangible results are achieved through on-the-job training of various employees:

  • Financial Management - Review and restatement of accounts, Specification of Revenues and Costs, Assessment of assets, Identification of key trends and ratios, Recommendations to improve revenues and expenditures;
  • Financial Systems - Comparative analysis of software types and related hardware, specifications and recommendations for purchasing, Data transfer and software integration into existing structures, Production of manuals for application;
  • Billing Systems Software – Revision and production of adapted job descriptions for software users, development of specifications and comparison of different systems, assistance for training and implementation;
  • Asset Management and GIS Systems Software – Review of existing asset and GIS systems (hard- and software plus GPS), specifications for new equipment, assistance for purchase, transfer of data into new databases and linking various systems/ departments, development of a spatial GIS database, elaboration of manuals, integration of asset management and GIS.
Mwanza Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (MWAUWASA)
06/2018 – 12/2020
Contract value:
997,030 €