FS Sustainable Land, Water and Soil Management in Somaliland

Detailed description of project:

The Xaxi catchment in Togdheer Region suffers from overuse and degradation of natural habitats and the ubiquitous water shortage and degradation of ecosystem services endangering agricultural production as the basis of agropastoral livelihoods. The Somaliland authorities are supported in designing a coherent FC through this Feasibility Study that includes the set-up of a land use plan to enable decisions on measures ranging from the rehabilitation/modernisation of existing spate irrigation schemes, and potentially their extension, to measures of wider sustainable land and water resource management.

A land use plan (LUP) for Xaaxi catchment forms the basis for investigations into the necessity and feasibility of investment measures, and includes:

  • Assessment of current land use practices and their relative significance water harvesting structures and erosion hotspots;
  • Assessment of existing community land use arrangements and their influence on current and future land use practices;
  • Analysis of the past and present trends of land use and prepare land use development scenarios;
  • Identification and assessment of socio-economic and environmental impacts, sustainable land use practices and investments for increased agricultural production, reduced erosion, improved community livelihood, biodiversity conservation, reduced land use conflicts, climate change resilience.

The Feasibility Study itself contain comprehensive information regarding framework conditions, programme design, and impacts and risks of proposed interventions (based on the LUP).

Type of services provided:

  • Preparing Land Use Plan (LUP) including development scenarios;
  • Developing of a coherent project rationale including alignment with existing strategies and policies;
  • Conducting stakeholder mapping and assessment of potential of suitable project-executing agency;
  • Developing a detailed project design including assessment of O&M options;
  • Proposing specific interventions based on the LUP and technical assessments;
  • Preparation of cost estimates, financing and implementation schedule;
  • Assessment of impact and sustainability;
  • Analysis of project-related risks and propose mitigation measures;
  • Developing of a Results Matrix and Results Logic including success indicators;
  • Developing of monitoring concept Conducting climate change assessment (adaptation/mitigation potentials, climate proofing);
  • Conducting Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD);
  • Conducting Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA); 
  • Preparation of relevant maps of the intervention area.
Ministry of Planning and National Development
BMZ through KfW
05/2022 – 11/2022
Contract value:
489,928 €