Programme for the Support of Decentralisation and Local Development “PRODDEL”

Detailed description of project:

“PRODDEL” is carried out by AGETIP as an element of the National Programme for Local Development (PNDL), supported by KfW. Respecting the principles of good governance and the national decentralisation efforts, the programme is empowering communes to sustainably establish and use socio-economic infrastructure based on local development plans. PRODDEL consists of the following components:

  • Component 1 is related to the establishment of infrastructure (economic, social and inter-communal) based on local development plans and the national procurement guidelines for goods, services and supplies. Rural and urban communes are fully responsible for the implementation of related projects with technical assistance from AGETIP and the consultant during identification, planning, financing, tendering, implementation and monitoring;
  • Component 2 is targeting participatory planning and implementa­tion of infrastructure projects. This includes the establishment of permanent mechanisms for technical assistance to communes and measures for capacity-building and training, all with a focus on communal infra­structure projects. Integral parts of the services are measures aiming at sustainable operation and maintenance of communal infrastructure;
  • Component 3 is concentrating on the efficient and effective implement­ation of PRODDEL through AGETIP and related management support in combination with the provision of technical assistance to components 1 & 2.

Type of services provided:

  • Review and adaptations to the PRODDEL manual of procedures;
  • Assistance with the financial management of the disposition fund (budgeting, accounting, flow of funds, auditing, etc.);
  • Support with the selection of communal infrastructure projects for financial and technical assistance through AGETIP and KfW;
  • Assistance to communes and AGETIP regarding the identification and planning of communal infrastructure projects (feasibility studies, pre- and detailed design): Verification of financial estimates and establishment of a general financial plan to ensure that investments remain within the available budget (9.5 million EUR); Verification of project designs, also regarding technical designs, budgets, impact, economic rate of return, operation and maintenance, etc.; Finalisation of standardised designs for certain types of infrastructure, e.g. schools, health centres, market halls, water supply systems, wells, water points, rural roads, flood control dykes, rural electrification, bridges, etc.;
  • Assistance to communes and AGETIP regarding the tendering of turn-key service contracts for the establishment of communal infrastructure;
  • Participatory development of strategies for improved operation & maintenance (O&M) of communal infrastructure, also taking into account autonomous financing possibilities;
  • Assistance to communes and AGETIP regarding the M&E of communal infrastructure projects under close consideration of progress and impact and with possibilities to highlight related results in a management information system with a GIS interface;
  • Knowledge management and dissemination of lessons learnt;
  • Contribution towards sector harmonisation and scaling-up in other provinces and on national level;
  • Mainstreaming of cross-cutting aspects into the programme approach (HIV/AIDS, gender, environmental protection, climate change, do-no-harm, etc.).
Agence d’exécution des Travaux d’Intérêt Public contre le Sous-Emploi (AGETIP)
BMZ through KfW
08/2010 – 02/2013
Contract value:
654,000 €